During the last years, poliglot programming started to be “the thing”. People aren’t so religious about a single programming language, and are willing to use more than one in their stack. How to learn Functional Programming Languages?

Conference on IT entrepreneurship titled “@ Nothin”, will be held on Saturday 19th November at the University of Niš, organized by the Chamber of young and active citizens – JCI Niš. The aim of this event is to encourage self-employment and starting a startup company, and their experiences and will share with the audience by expert trainers.

Focus @ Niš Conference despite everything is focused on educating the public about how to obtain finances necessary to launch startups from scratch. Attendees will be the occasion to pay Nenad Mladenovic, CEO and co-founder of digital creative agency Neopix, Ivan Rasic, co-founder and CEO LegalTrek and Ivan Vesic, founder and CEO VetCloud-a.

Besides them, inspiring and useful stories will be shared with the audience and Ivan Vuckovic, co-founder of start-ups Frame based in Nis and San Francisco, Andor Luhović behind applications for safe hiking and nature walk – vHike, and Aleksandar Aleksic that comes as a producer and team leader in Nordeus.


Visitors @ Niš Conference will have a unique opportunity to hear concrete examples and advice, from motivation to technical details, while in the second part of the conference held a panel discussion in which interested parties will be able to ask questions and share their experiences and ideas with other participants.

From the organization note that the entrance to the event free of charge, and that it takes time to fill in the application form. For more information you can zapratiti official Facebook page of the organization JCI Niš.